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Gokarna Forest Golf Resort & Spa is located deep inside the serene temperate Gokarna Forest, traditionally the private Royal hunting grounds of the Kings of Nepal. Situated within the city limits of Kathmandu, capital of Royal Kingdom of Nepal, this luxury Hotel Resort, Spa, and 18 hole championship Golf Course is operated by Le Meridien, a leading global chain of luxury hotels and resorts.A winding, climbing road through the forest leads to the majestic Malla period architecture with the main hotel's favoured Deluxe rooms & suites. The perfect setting for an unforgettable experience.

Further into the forest set serenely besides century old trees and adjacent to the restored Hunter's Lodge, once used by Royal Shikaris (Hunters) are sixteen exotic Superior rooms.

Nearby Harmony Spa provides a variety of rejuvenating courses, massages, and beauty treatments. The Health club encompasses an indoor temperature controlled pool, and the changing rooms each have a Sauna, Steam room, and Jacuzzi. The large well equipped gym is one of the finest in the country.

A quiet walk to the clubhouse brings you instant access and preferential tee times at South Asia's finest resort golf resort.

The perfect getaway for sharing quiet moments, pampering the mind and body, a few days of challenging golf, enchanting forest walks, and time close to nature.
The Hunter's Lodge which housed the shikaris that accompanied Royal Family members during their hunting trips in Gokarna Forest, is over a hundred years old. It has been carefully restored and now houses quaint resting and dining areas, and a lounge and bar in the attic, and opens seasonally.

Sixteen exotic cottage rooms are within this inviting abode. Serenely set besides century old trees, the perfect setting for an unforgettable experience.

An artist's sketch of Le Meridien Kathmandu's majestic Malla period architecture which includes the Deluxe Rooms, Suites, and dining and bar facilities.

Gokarna Forest Golf Resort. South Asia's finest, and one of the world's most spectacular Golf Resort Courses. Crafted by lead architect David Mclay Kidd, assisted by Director of Turf-grass Management, James Kidd, under the direction of Gleneagles Golf Developments.

Undulating Bent Grass Greens built to USGA specifications. Soft cushions of local Bermuda fairways. Lush unyielding forests-hundreds of years old.

Winding streams. Wandering hills and valleys opening to a holy river's plain. Cynical monkey's watching your progress. Shy spotted deer peering from the trees. The lofty Himalayas keeping score. Truly enchanting.

From the time of the Roman Empire, when weary legionnaires sought hot springs and built baths to soothe their aching bodies, to the town of "Spa" in Belgium rising to fame in the 14th century for its bathing treatments, spas continued to develop and evolve as man realised the importance of health, wellness, relaxation and the unified harmony of the mind, body and soul.

There is a need and desire for effective relaxation to counter the pressures of the increased pace of life and the accompanying levels of stress.

With less time available for self-renewal, we seek temporary respites to restore ourselves, to gain relief from overindulgence and overwork.

Places where we can achieve personal transformation that address the condition of our mind, body and spirit. A place that offers internal and external restoration, providing mental and spiritual harmony that we can take back into our daily lives.

This is what you are offered at Harmony Spa.
Le Meridien Kathmandu, Gokarna Forest's Harmony Spa's strengths lie in the breathtakingly serene and tranquil surroundings, and the Ayurveda based treatments that are unique at adapting and developing traditional Ayurveda treatments for discerning guests. The concept has been caringly cultivated and focussed to suit the resort, with exemplary service and specialized know how, to experienced personal and ongoing development.

Leaving the comfort of your room was never so appealing Gokarna Forest trail-walks are within the pristine 700 acre Royal Forest Reserve. This is the only un-denuded forest of Kathmandu Valley representing what existed over 500 years ago, with trees up to 200 years old. A walk through this bastion of primitive innocence is a powerful and revitalizing experience.

The ambiance within the canopy of old forest growth, glimpses of carefree wild life, and the fresh clean mountain air energizes and refreshes you, leaving your soul peacefully satiated.

On your walk, you may pass by some holy sites of worship such as the Bandevi and Kanti Bhairav temples.

Information: The Front Desk at Reception or the Golf Clubhouse can provide you information regarding the Trail Walk and reserving a guide. You are advised to wear comfortable walking clothes and shoes.

Trail Walks:
There are two set guided Gokarna Forest Trail Walk routes:
Time: Approx 1 Hour
Route: Starting from behind the Hunter's Lodge you descend to the the 2nd green, then climb back up to a plateau and end up and the 5th green before making your way up to the golf clubhouse.

Time : Approx 1 hrs 30 min
Route: Starting from the golf clubhouse, you climb into the forest from behind the 9th green and follow a wandering route through the canopied hilltops, passing the Bandevi Temple on your way. From here you have a choice. One is ending up at the 14th tee, descending some old steps that were used by the elephants to get up and down the hill, and walk back through the golf course to the clubhouse. The other route takes you to behind the 7th tee, where you can slip out of a small door in the wall and visit the Kanti Bhairab temple on the banks of the holy Bagmati river, just outside Gokarna.

For safety reasons you must take a guide with you on your walk. The Golf Pro Shop or the hotel front desk will arrange your guide.

The fee for the guide is Rs. 200.

For an early morning start, it advised that you reserve the evening before, however often a guide can be arranged at short notice.


Bandevi Temple:
Located deep in the Forest between the 14th tee and the 6th green, this shrine dedicated to the goddess of the forests is considered the holiest within Gokarna Forest.

During the festivals of Chaitra Dasain in late March and the great harvest festival of Bijaya Dashami, throngs of devotees gather here to worship and offer sacrifice. The Palace of Raj Nikunj performs puja twice a year for which the Gokarna Forest Golf Resort offers assistance.

Dhungana's Kuldevta:
Located left of the 11th green in an area of Gokarna called Hattisar, the temple houses the clan deity of the Dhungana caste, and they perform an annual puja in mid-July.

Poudail Kuldevta:
Located above the 4th tee is a temple housing the clan deity of the Poudail caste. A yearly puja is held in mid-September.

Mahat Kuldevta:
This temple is situated between the 3rd and 4th tees. The Mahat caste gather here every May to worship their clan deity.

Naag Isthan:
Situated on the timber bridge between the car park and the practice range, an annual puja is performed in mid-August in this "abode of the naag" (snake).

Kanti Bhairab Temple: Just outside the Northern part of Gokarna Forest, this temple near the 7th tee is also known as Uttar Gaya.

From a special petrograph of the temple area, it was found that this temple was established by King Rajendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev on 14th Falgun 1846 Bikram Sambat (February, 1789 A.D.)

On the occasion of Mother's Day, local residents celebrate at this temple. Other main festivals celebrated here are Poush Gaya Aaunshi (in Dec/Jan), Kushe Aaunshi (in Aug/Sept) and Dashain (in Sept/Oct).

The Holy River Bagmati flows from North to South next to this temple. There is a legend that this river comes out from the mouth of a tiger known as Baagdwar and flows via Sundarijal to the temple's side.
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Extra Bed 50.00

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