How to get visa for Nepal, Tibet & Bhutan?

Make sure that your passport is valid for six months within travel to Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. Nepal Tibet Bhutan tour permit is pre-arranged by Tour Operator so you have to send the clear passport copy in advance for the permit process.

How to get Nepal Tourist Visa ?

The easiest way to get a tourist visa for Nepal is by applying on your arrival, but you can also apply in advance. Here are the three current ways to obtain your Nepal visa:

1) Apply upon your arrival at Kathmandu’s international airport (TIA)

2) At any of the land border crossings open to foreigners (each has an Immigration office)

3) Or apply at one of Nepalese Diplomatic Missions or Nepal’s foreign consulates from abroad, in advance

If you have obtained Nepal Visa from Nepalese Diplomatic Missions, then you must enter to Nepal within six months from the visa issued date. Your total stay is counted starting from the day you enter into Nepal.

For the tourist visa that you have to carry latest passport size photos and visa fees. Visa fees is USD 25 for 15 days multiple entry, USD 40 for 30 days multiple entry.

How to get Tibet Permit and Tibet Visa ?

There are to different visas for Tibet Travel, namely China Visa for China to Tibet route, Tibet Group Visa for Nepal to Tibet route. We need your clear passport copy in advance to make the Travel Permit and Invitation letter, which is needed for visa process. Please find the visa details as follows;

How to get Tibet Tourist Visa from Nepal ?

  • If you are going to Tibet from Nepal, you do not need China visa, but you have to be in Kathmandu at least 3 working days before to get Tibet Group visa (TGV). We (Travel Agent) will help you to get visa from Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu. 
  • Please firstly confirm your dates with us before booking any flights to and out of Kathmandu, otherwise it might be problem.
  • We also need to know which destination you fly to after Tibet trip, because the destination name will be listed in permit and not changeable.
  • Tibet Group visa fee is always extra, you need to pay in Kathmandu, for the visa process you have to carry latest passport size photos for visa process.

How to get Tibet Tourist Visa from China ?

  • You can apply China visa in your home country, With China visa that you can travel to Tibet from China.
  • You can send to us passport copy for booking first, and visa can be later when you have it.
  • If the Chinese embassy is in your home country that you need invitation letter from us. please advise, so that we can send it to you. We need your China arrival date + arrival city name, China departure date + departure city name to make this letter.  
  • We need to know from which Chinese city you take flight/train to Lhasa, and which city you will go to after Tibet, these city names will be written on Tibet permit and not changeable.
  • If you take flight to Lhasa, you need to stay one night in China so that we can post the permit to your hotel in China, you need the permit for the flight boarding to Lhasa, we cannot post the permit abroad.
  • If you take train to Lhasa, we will send you the Tibet permit 4-15 days beforehand, which you need to print TWICE for the train boarding. 

How to get Bhutan Tourist Visa ?

If you are planning to visit Bhutan that you cannot apply for the Bhutan Visa on their own. The Bhutan Visa application and all Bhutan tours must be arranged by a licensed Bhutanese travel agency or one of their tour operator partners. Here are some easy steps to obtain your Bhutan Visa:

1. We arrange your trip to Bhutan, work out your itinerary of Bhutan tour and confirm the schedule;

2. Make the advance payment of tour package and Bhutan Visa fee in advance;

3. Send the tour operator a clear scanned copy of your valid passport. The photo-page of your passport should be provided. We will complete and submit your Bhutan Visa application online to the Tourism Council of Bhutan and Department of Immigration;

4. Once receive the transfer in full, the Tourism Council of Bhutan will process your visa application within a maximum of one week. If approved, a visa clearance letter will be given to the respective agency.

5. Get a copy of visa clearance letter. We will email to you the copy of visa clearance letter once it is issued, and it is required at the check-in counter of airlines;

6. Obtain your Bhutan Visa to visit Bhutan. Show your copy of visa clearance letter to the Immigration officer at the entry point to Bhutan, and they will stamp the actual Bhutan Visa on your passport upon immigration formalities. The exact visa validity is based on the length of your tour itinerary.

The visa clearance letter covers lots of information, like your name, nationality, passport number, visa number and travel date, and name and guide of tour operator. Only the stamped visa issued by immigration officer guarantees the entry permission to Bhutan, and a visa clearance letter doesn’t ensure the entry and stay in Bhutan.