China Tibet Nepal Bhutan India Tour

China Tibet Nepal Bhutan India Tour offers you a perfect chance to experience the epic journey from China Beijing to Delhi, India via Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan. You will explore the exotic different culture, enjoy the stunning Himalayan view.

China Tibet Nepal Bhutan India Tour

Starting from the capital city of China, this 23 Days tour from China, Beijing to India, Delhi via Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan is a classic journey for tourists to enjoy and discover the different countries. These countries offer unique cultural, historical, natural, and spiritual experiences that can leave a lasting impact on travellers. Beijing, which served as the No.1 gateway city to China, is the first choice for the majority of first-time visitors. Additionally, Beijing is a convenient starting point for exploring Tibet, offering easy flight and train connections.

Beginning your tour in Beijing, is a great way to explore the historic and cultural sites of China's capital city, such as the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, and the Temple of Heaven. You can also gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for the rich history and traditions of China before immersing yourself in the unique culture and stunning natural beauty of Tibet.

When in Lhasa, the centre of Tibet, you will expect to visit the magnificent Potala Palace, the revered Jokhang Temple, as well as stroll along the bustling Barkhor Street to witness the life of locals. The Drepung and Sera Monastery will further make you have a deeper understanding of Tibetan Buddhism and culture.

While the second part of the tour in Nepal and Bhutan, you will enjoy the loop tour from Kathmandu and its surroundings to Pokhara and Chitwan. And later fly from Kathmandu to Paro and follow classic travel route to explore Punakha and Thimphu. You will have a panoramic view of culture, religion and history of the most enigmatic Himalayan kingdoms in Asia.

In the third part of the tour start with a classic travel route to cover the top three tourist cities in India, i.e., Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. You can visit a series of architectural marvels and explore the splendid royal palaces and military fortress, etc.

China Tibet Nepal Bhutan India Tour Outline Itinerary

Day 01: Arrival in Beijing
Day 02: Visit Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Yonghe Temple & Temple of Heaven
Day 03: Visit Mutianyu Great Wall & Bird's Nest; Hutong Tour by Rickshaw
Day 04: Visit Panda House & Summer Palace; - Flight to Lhasa.
Day 05: Lhasa City Tour | Jokhang Temple, Sera Monastery, Barkhor Street
Day 06: Lhasa City Tour - Potala Palace, Drepung Monastery
Day 07: Lhasa to Kathmandu by flight.
Day 08: Kathmandu Tour
Day 09: Kathmandu - Nagarkot (approx. 1 hour drive)
Day 10: Nagarkot - Chitwan (approx. 6 hours drive)
Day 11: Chitwan Jungle Activities
Day 12: Chitwan - Pokhara (approx. 6 hours drive)
Day 13: Pokhara - Kathmandu (approx. 6 hours drive)
Day 14: Kathmandu (Nepal) - Paro (Bhutan) 
Day 15: Thimpu sightseeing / Late afternoon transfer to Punakha (1250m.) – 3-4 hrs. drive
Day 16: Excursion Punakha Dzong / Drive to Paro (1460m.) – 4 hrs. drive
Day 17: Paro - hike to Taksang (Tinger’s Nest Monastery)
Day 18: Paro - Delhi (India)
Day 19: Delhi Tour
Day 20: Delhi - Agra (200 Km, 4 Hrs Drive)
Day 21: Agra - Jaipur (145 Km, 4 Hrs Drive) 
Day 22: Jaipur Tour 
Day 23: Jaipur - Delhi (265 Km, 5 Hrs Drive)

Day 01: Arrival in Beijing
Upon your arrival in Beijing today, your private expert guide and driver will welcome you at the Arrival Hall of the airport after you reclaim your luggage and clear Customs. Then a comfortable private drive will take you to downtown Beijing to check in at a select hotel. Just relax the rest of this day and prepare for your inspiring trips on next days. Overnight stay in hotel.

Day 02: Visit Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Yonghe Temple & Temple of Heaven
Today, your guide and driver will pick you up from the hotel at 09:00 and transfer you to the heart of Beijing to visit the Tiananmen Square, the world's largest urban square where a million people can gather here for the nation’s grandest ceremonies. Founded during Ming Dynasty (1368 – 1644 AD), this place is a witness to more than 600 years of China’s history. Stand before the centrally-erected Monument to the People's Heroes, ready to be awestruck by this magnificent obelisk built to commemorate those martyrs who fought for the country’s freedom and justice.

30 minutes after strolling on the square, you will walk for a few minutes across the Chang'an Avenue and come to the world-famous Forbidden City, or the Palace Museum, the world’s largest and best-preserved wooden architectural complex, once home to 24 emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties (1368 – 1911 AD). People were denied entry in ancient times, hence the name “Forbidden City”. Follow your guide and try to immerse yourself in this 13.8-times-bigger-than-White-House imperial palace complex. Set foot on broad courtyards, climb steps to visit a myriad of sublime palaces with sunlit golden tiles and red walls, feel the “forbidden” air enclosed by 10-meters-high walls and 52-meters-wide moat, breathe the air that once belonged only to supreme powers of ancient China, and appreciate countless precious historical relics that survived the vicissitudes of history. Definitely, this 2-to-3-hour visit will get you a glimpse into the luxury of China’s ancient imperial culture.

In the afternoon, we will head to visit the Yonghe Temple, the largest Tibetan Buddhist monastery in Beijing that has been preserved intact for 300 years. Built to show the Qing emperor’s respect for Tibetan Buddhism, you’ll be amazed how Han, Manchu, Mongolian and Tibetan architecture combined into one unique design. Amid fragrance of sandalwood and the solemnity felt everywhere from Buddhist statues to prayer flags, you can still find your inner peace in the temple despite the huge number of tourists every day.

Next, you will be taken to visit the Temple of Heaven, the holy altar where ancient emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties offered sacrifice to the God of Heaven for bumper harvests. The world’s largest sacrificial architectural complex of its kind, the altar is designed by a Ming emperor to symbolize China’s ancient cosmological belief: heaven is round and earth square, and it’s the very harmony between the two that gives birth to everything in the world. Stepping into this mystic compound, you’ll notice distinct circular shapes and buildings and square walls from other buildings anywhere else, which represent Heaven and Earth respectively. Some buildings also reflect the ancient Chinese wisdom in practicing physics, like acoustics for the Echo Wall of Imperial Vault of Heaven, through which even a murmur can spread over a fairly long distance. Overnight stay in hotel.

Day 03: Visit Mutianyu Great Wall & Bird's Nest; Hutong Tour by Rickshaw
This morning, we will travel to Mutianyu Great Wall to visit one of the greatest man-made projects on earth, which is definitely a highlight of your 4 days Beijing tour. On the dragon-like winding path, you will not only get to appreciate the defensive beacon towers lying at advantageous strategic forts, but also enjoy the pristine spectacle of its surrounding lush greens that varies in different seasons, which is what makes it “the most beautiful part of the Great Wall”. To climb the wall, a round-way cable car will be arranged for you to save energy and time to hike on the wall. A thrill lover? Take a chairlift up and a toboggan when going down! Decide which to take and your guide will be glad to make arrangements for you.

In the afternoon, we will drive back to downtown Beijing and make a photo stop for you before the Bird's Nest, namely the Olympic National Stadium, once the place holding both the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics and 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. Next, you will have a Hutong tour by rickshaw to travel through narrow alleys and relive the past Beijing. Different from the Forbidden City, Hutong represents and shows ordinary and regular local lives. A Hutong family visit will be arranged for you to get close to local lifestyles. You’ll be taken to a local courtyard house, to learn how its structure embodies China’s traditional family values. Overnight stay in hotel.

Day 04: Visit Panda House & Summer Palace; - Flight to Lhasa.
Panda time! Today we will have a lovely time in the Panda Hall of Beijing Zoo. Built in 1990, the Panda Hall is one of the biggest bases in China to exhibit, breed, and research panda. Native to China, those cuddly, adorkable fur balls of course are a must-visit. What makes the Panda Hall in Beijing special is its philosophy behind the whole design. Going inside, in the outdoor hall, you may be impressed by how the natural scenery co-exists with man-made constructs, the idea of which was borrowed from Chinese classical gardens to simulate a wild habitat. You’ll feel as if you are right in the wilderness, and before you are naughty pandas climbing up and down living in the moment. To see more pandas, go to the indoor hall, where you will find a different lifestyle of pandas.

After visiting pandas, we will continue the visit to the Summer Palace. As a birthday gift from a Qing emperor to his mother, the summer retreat is the largest and best-preserved imperial garden worldwide. The garden features a peach-shaped Kunming Lake, symbolizing longevity and taking up three-quarters of the total area. Inside the garden, you’ll get to visit the Long Corridor, the longest gallery of its kind with more than 14 thousand paintings to feast your eyes upon. Take your time to enjoy the stunning views here. The classical elegancy will definitely make you want to return.

Your sightseeing trip will come to the end here. Your guide and driver will transfer you to the airport for your flight to Lhasa. Welcome to Lhasa, the capital of the Tibet Autonomous Region! Upon your arrival at the train station in Lhasa, the tour guide and driver will meet you at the exit, and then escort you to the hotel in downtown Lhasa. You can have a good rest to get used to the altitude (3,650m) in your hotel and get ready to explore Lhasa with your guide the next day. Overnight stay in hotel.

Day 05: Lhasa City Tour | Jokhang Temple, Sera Monastery, Barkhor Street
Today, you and your group will explore Lhasa by visiting Jokhang Temple, a world cultural heritage site renowned for its brilliant architecture, culture, art, and history. After that, you will experience Tibetan Buddhism by witnessing the Monks' Debating in Sera Monastery. Finally, you can stroll through the famous Barkhor Street with locals and learn more about the daily kora life of Tibetans.

Located in the heart of Lhasa for over 1300 years, the Jokhang Temple is an important pilgrimage site for Buddhists from all over the world. Famed as the spiritual center of Tibet, it is said that the Jokhang Monastery was built for King Songtsen Gampo's two brides: Chinese Princess Wencheng and Nepalese Princess Bhrikuti. "Jokhang" means "House of Buddha", and it houses a life-size statue of the 12-year-old Sakyamuni, which is considered a treasure of the Buddhist world. This is why Buddhist pilgrims consider it the holiest destination. The Jakhong temple is also renowned for its beautiful architecture. You can admire the intricate carvings, colorful murals, ornate decorations, and details of the building, which is a masterpiece of Tibetan architecture. Time seems to stand still as you watch people pray in front of the temple during the day and night. (Please note that the visit order may be adjusted based on the reservation of your Jokhang Temple Ticket Reservation.)

In the afternoon, drive approximately 30km (50 minutes) to visit Sera Monastery, which is one of the three great Gelug university monasteries of Tibet. It offers the opportunity to experience Tibetan Buddhism up close. The highlight of Sera Monastery is watching the monks' debate, which takes place around 15:00-17:00 (except on Sundays). The debate is an interesting form of exchange, where one monk acts as the questioner, standing while the answerer or group of answerers sit. The standing monk asks questions and slaps his palms and stomps, each action having a special meaning, such as activating wisdom, and are not meant to be aggressive. You will also have the chance to attend prayer ceremonies, visit meditation halls, and learn about the monastic way of life. It is a must-visit destination to gain insight into the beliefs and practices of Tibetan Buddhism.

Afterward, head back to downtown Lhasa for a walk on busy Barkhor Street near the Jokhang Monastery, which was a place for Buddhists to do a kora (pilgrim circuit) in ancient times. Nowadays, it has become a thriving local market where you can drink a pot of yak butter tea, dress in Tibetan clothes for photos, and pick up some local Tibetan, Nepalese, and Indian handicrafts and souvenirs. Overnight stay in hotel.

Day 06: Lhasa City Tour - Potala Palace, Drepung Monastery
Today you will explore the world’s highest palace for its brilliant architectures, culture, and history, then visits to one of the "great three" Gelug university monasteries in Tibet - the Drepung Monastery.

In the morning, you can walk into Potala Palace (World Heritage), the traditional residence and winter palace of the Dalai Lama (1649-1959). It takes 365 steps from Potala gate to reach the Red Palace which is the highest palace in the world at an altitude of 3,700m. Through the principal halls, chapels, and shrines of past Dalai Lamas in the Red Palace, you will be astonished and touched by its remarkable paintings, gorgeous jeweled works, skilled carving, colorful ornamentation, and the mystery stories behind the treasures. Inside the Potala Palace you will meet lots of Tibetan pilgrims who come all the way from afar to this sacred site to pray as their life time destination. You can also ask your guide to share more information about Songtsen Gampo, the 33rd king of Tibet, who first build the Potala Palace in the 7th century for his marriage to Princess Wencheng of the Tang Dynasty. (Note: We may adjust the visit order due to the visiting time of your Potala Palace Ticket. All visitors must visit the Potala Palace with a tour group while staying inside for an hour. No photo inside.)

Then, drive about 35 minutes (12km) to visit the Drepung Monastery, which was the largest Tibetan monastery (of the Gelug Sect) in Lhasa. It used to be the palace of the Dalai Lama before he moved to the Potala Palace in the 17th century. Today, it is famous for the Drepung Shoton Festival held each August, where people come to offer yogurt to the monks who have finished their 100 days of meditation. You can also witness the grandest Buddha/Thangka Unfolding Ceremony. Besides the unique architecture and amazing buildings, you can watch monks debating in Tibetan Buddhism, which is vibrant and active with expansive gestures, clapping, and stamping. After visiting the Drepung Temple, you will have about a 2-hour Tibetan culture tour, which includes an introduction, Tibetan incense making, and block printing. Overnight stay in hotel.

Day 07: Lhasa to Kathmandu by flight.
You will have some free time in Lhasa and explore more on your own till your guide escorts you to the Lhasa airport for your flight to Kathmandu, Nepal.
Arrive Kathmandu. Meet/assist at Kathmandu airport by us and transfer to your hotel. Rest. Overnight stay in hotel.

Day 08: Kathmandu 
Early morning Mount Everest Scenic Flight (free for optional activities)
After breakfast, keep full day valley sightseeing with Kathmandu Durbar Square, the place of the Malla and then the Shah Kings of Nepal, visiting Kumari Temple, house of the virgin goddess, visiting Swoyambhunath, a stupa on the top of hill - from here you can overlook the scenery of Kathmandu, Visiting Patan city, the second largest town in the valley, Krishna Mandir, Golden Temple etc. Overnight stay in hotel.

Day 09: Kathmandu – Nagarkot (approx. 1 hour drive)
After breakfast, we will take you a glimpse of half day sightseeing tour in Kathmandu Valley; Pashupatinath Temple, one of the most important Hindu temples in Nepal. We keep going for walk to see the huge of stupa of Buddha, also known as Boudhanath, the largest stupa in Nepal. Afterward taking a ride to Bhaktapur, a fascinating town, visit Bhaktapur's Dubar Square featuring the Victorian illustrations style with temples and temples complex. Keep the route connecting to Nagarkot and Overnight stay in hotel.

Day 10: Nagarkot - Chitwan (approx. 6 hours drive)
Early morning sunrise view over the Himalayas. after breakfast, we travel overland from Nagarkot to Chitwan National Park. We experience you a lots of Safari activities; jungle walks, canoeing, Elephant safaris and so forth. Once the night falls down, we entertain you with cultural performances including bonfire before getting in bed. Overnight stay in hotel.

Day 11: Chitwan 
Breakfast, the next, you get a full day safari activity in Royal Chitwan national Park - if you are lucky, you will see many amazing creatures that you spend most time to looking for; rhinoceroses, Chitwan's royal Bengal tigers, leopards, monkeys, many types of deer and reptiles. Check your camera gear - preferably with a telephoto lens and you will not miss any shots. Overnight stay in hotel.

Day 12: Chitwan - Pokhara (approx. 6 hours drive)
After breakfast, drive to Pokhara. Afternoon, half day sightseeing of Pokhara city with boating at Fewa Lake, the most popular destination in Nepal after Kathmandu, spend enjoyably the morning trip along the bank of Phewa Lake, you can admire the stunning view of the Fish Tail's Peak reflected in the silver surface of the water. You can also see the wonderful Annapurna panorama forms a superb backdrop to Pokhara from the lake. Aside from Phewa Lake, we keep visiting the Seti River gorge - one of the best places to see, Mahendra Gufa, used to be well-known for its stalactites. Stay overnight at hotel. In the evening walk around Lakeside Market. Overnight stay in hotel.

Day 13: Pokhara - Kathmandu (approx. 6 hours drive)
Early morning drive to Sarangkot, Sunrise view over the Himalayas. After breakfast, Scenic Drive back to Kathmandu. Overnight stay in hotel.

Day 14: Kathmandu (Nepal) - Paro (Bhutan) 
After breakfast, transfer to Kathmandu Airport, fly to Paro. Arrival Paro International airport / transfer to Thimpu (2300m) - 2 hrs. drive
During the flight, on a clear day, you can see breathtaking views of the Himalaya Mountains, including the sacred Jumolhari and Jichu Drake Peaks in Bhutan. On arrival you will be greeted by our representative and transferred to your hotel. 
If time permit in the afternoon you can visit the following places:
- Kyichu Lhakhang
- Paro Dzong
In the evening you can drive to the capital town of Thimphu. Overnight stay in hotel.

Day 15: Thimpu sightseeing / Late afternoon transfer to Punakha (1250m.) – 3-4 hrs. drive
There are many things to see in the capital which has a very relaxed, laid-back feel about it. Thimphu is relatively small having a population of approximately 45,000 people and the streets are wide and tree lined. You will almost certainly visit the Late King's Memorial Chorten, the National Library, Drubthob Nunnery, Folk Heritage Museum, the handmade paper factory, the school of arts and crafts where young students learn the traditional arts and crafts (Zo Rig Chusum – the thirteen crafts), Gold and the Silver Smiths workshop, Zangtopelri Lhakhang, and the Handicraft Emporium and the local handicraft centers to see the weavers at work and also varieties of textiles, thangkha paintings, masks, jewellery etc
After sightseeing in Thimpu you will drive to Punakha, with a stop en route for tea at Dochu La (3,100 meters), where on a clear day you can get spectacular views of the Himalayas. After lunch at Wangduephodrong continue to drive to Punakha, the former capital of Bhutan. Overnight stay in hotel.

Day 16: Excursion Punakha Dzong / Drive to Paro (1460m.) – 4 hrs. drive
Early morning visit Punakha Dzong, which is noteworthy both for being one of the most beautiful dzongs in Bhutan and also for having been built by the first Shabdrung in 1636.  After visit Punakha drive to Paro. Afternoon, tour of Bhutan's national museum, a fascinating place housed in an old watchtower above the huge Paro Dzong (monastery/fortress). The museum holds a fantastic collection of Bhutanese national treasures ranging from ancient armour to textiles and thangkha paintings. Then, we drive to the head of the valley and visit Drukgyel Dzong built in a location that was chosen for its control over the route to Tibet. A spectacular view of Mount. Jumolhari (23,996ft /7314m) can be seen from here. Also visit Rinpung Dzong and a typical Bhutanese farm house. Overnight stay in hotel.

Day 17: Paro - hike to Taksang (Tinger’s Nest Monastery)
After breakfast hike to Taktsang (Tinger’s Nest) Monastery, which is Bhutan’s most famous monastery. It is perched on the edge of a steep cliff, about 900 meters above Paro Valley. The hike to reach the viewpoint to the monastery makes for a nice half-day excursion. After lunch you can visit other important site which you could not complete previous days. Overnight stay in hotel.

Day 18: Paro – Delhi (India)
After early breakfast in the hotel, drive to the airport, fly to Delhi, the capital of India. You will be greeted & received by our representative at the airport and transferred to your hotel. Overnight stay in hotel.

Day 19: Delhi 
In the morning take a city tour covering Laxmi Narayan Temple - The Place of Gods, India Gate - The memorial of martyrs, Parliament House - The Government headquarters. In the afternoon take a city tour of Old Delhi covering Jama Masjid - The largest mosque in Asia, Red Fort - The red stone magic, Gandhi memorial - The memoir of father of the nation. Also enjoy the sound & light show in the evening. Overnight stay in hotel.

Day 20: Delhi – Agra (200 Km, 4 Hrs Drive)
After breakfast, drive to Agra. Upon arrival, afternoon sightseeing tour the enthralling city of the Taj Mahal and savour the myriad attractions that Agra offers. Visit TAJ MAHAL & Red Fort. Check in hotel late evening. Overnight stay in hotel.

Day 21: Agra – Jaipur (145 Km, 4 Hrs Drive) 
After breakfast, leave for Jaipur. Enroute visit Old deserted town of Mughal Dynasty - Fatehpur Sikri built in red sandstone in honour of Saint Salim Chisti who foretold the birth of 3 sons to Emperor Akbar, is an example of robust stability combined with originality.
Each important edifice here represents a type by itself. Notable among them is the Diwan-e-Khas, Punch Mahal, the Tomb of Salim Chisti, and the Bulund Darwaza. Later continue to proceed to beautiful Pink City - Jaipur. Check in Hotel in Jaipur. Overnight at Jaipur. Evening visit to Chowki Dhani (An ethnic Village) for dinner. Overnight stay in hotel.

Day 22: Jaipur 
Today morning after breakfast, our travel guide will accompany you on a visit to some popular tourist places of the city. Visit the City Palace, the Hawa Mahal and the observatory. Overnight stay in hotel.

Day 23: Jaipur – Delhi (265 Km, 5 Hrs Drive)
After Breakfast, check out hotel and leave for Delhi. Enroute visit Amber fort and enjoy Elephant ride. Late noon drive to Delhi. Arrive Delhi, transfer to international airport to board the onwards flight back to Home.

Cost Include

  • Airport pickup & drop off using appreciate vehicle
  • Twin share hotel accommodation at respective hotels on BB (Bed & Breakfast) Basis
  • Lunch & Dinner in Bhutan
  • Local English speaking guide (Other languages speaking guides also available on request)
  • All  sightseeing tours transfer using appreciate vehicle (depend on group size)
  • Necessary entrance fees as per itinerary

Cost Exclude

  • All flight ticket.
  • All countries Visa fee
  • Lunch & Dinner in China, Nepal, Tibet and India
  • Beverage and expenses of personal nature
  • Any Optional Tours, extension of tours, hotel accommodation etc.
  • Tips to guide, porters, drivers etc.
  • Personal Insurance

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